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II Seminario Internacional de Paises Latinos Europa America
Malcolm Forest has an extensive career as Master of Cerimonies, program and events host, presenting and monitoring key strategic events for major companies, businesses and personalities such as Bill Clinton, Bill Gates, and South African president Mbecki,
Clients: Anetac, Dow Chemical, Embraer, Valor Econômico, Banco do Brasil and Timken.
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Malcolm Forest has an extensive experience in simultaneous translation for international events as conference interpreter. He translates simultaneously into and from Portuguese, English, Spanish, and Italian. He interpreted seven Academy Awards and six times the Grammy for SBT (Brazilian Television System). He is known as the "Brazilian Voice of the Oscar", Malcolm Forest is considered one of the world's best interpreters.
MDK offers full services of simultaneous translation, including all the sound equipment, radio receivers, etc.

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Malcolm Forest does voice overs for videos in Portuguese, English , Spanish and Italian.
ouça a narração de Malcolm Forest para a Câmara Americana, Canal Azul  - BRAZIL EXPORT - AMCHAM
ouça a narração de Malcolm Forest para a Câmara Americana, Canal Azul  -  BRAZIL EXPORT, AMCHAM
Miss Universo
In Brazil, he has performed narrations for videos of companies and organizations such as The American Chamber of Commerce, Iochpe, GW Maxion, Monsato, Casa Hope, Sony, Sistema Globo, Starrett, Quaker, Volvo, GoodYear, Pirelli, FMC, Cargil, Dresser, Codesp, Varig, Aços Villares, Alstom, Blue Tree Resort, Braskem, Banespa, Editora Abril, Embraer, TV1, IMAM, Ciba-Geigy, Semer, CAV, Electa, Cockpit, Rede Manchete, Produtora Goulart de Andrade, Abertura, Procimar, MM Video, TVT, Porto Villaça, Guibert Pavão, Plubicitá & Esquire, SBT, SKF, FM Imprensa, Rádio Boa Nova, TV Corcovado, RGE, RCA, SEBRAE, Nuskin, Ericson, Associquim, Anhembi Morumbi, Ibope, Carlini, Baan, Dow, Intersoll, Forum Cultural Mundial e Garp. In the USA, 20 th Century Fox, CBS News, Whitmore Filmworks.

MDK Comunnications through it's President, Malcolm Forest, is active in the stewardship and mediation of international business partners.It facilitates international investors in their quest for business opportunities in Brazil and South America. Ports, infrastructure, logistics, telecom, banks, entertainment are the main business areas of actvity.
MDK Communications Ltd has partners in Brazil, Singapore, China, India, Peru, US and Canada.

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Multifaceted, Malcolm Forest performs in movies, theater, and television, including commercials. His experience includes acting in movies such as The Crazy World of Julius Vrooder directed by Arthur Hiller, The Million Dollar Habit, and The Scavengers. In theater, he played leading roles in productions such as Tistu, The Boy with the Green Thumb, Lil'Abner, and The Real American, all in California.
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TRADUZINDO OS GURUS - dtcom watch the video
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Malcolm Forest lectures on a variety of subjects: Management, the Environment, Citizenship Movements, Historical Heritage, Culture, Cultural Marketing, Motivation, Simultaneous Interpreting, the Research that led to his writing of the book Automóveis de São Paulo (Automobiles of São Paulo), and Songwriting.
Clients: Amcham - Câmara Americana de Comércio, OAB GUarulhos, CRC São Paulo and Instituto Histórico e Geográfico de São Paulo.
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Imagine people having a great time, singing along, clapping hands, dancing… Imagine an array of music, colors, entertainment, and fun. You don't need to travel far, or even climb on the bandwagon of time…

The Malcolm Forest New Country and Western Show brings it all to you.

The Malcolm Forest New Country and Western Show is the right act for clubs, ballrooms, county fairs, dairy expos, shopping centers, colleges, and rural auctions… Everywhere the result is a total blast: crowds cheering, an outstanding remembrance and a great time guaranted for all!


(The Sounds of the Movies)

Voice, piano, and sensitivity. Malcolm Forest introduces the themes and sings the songs while the piano follows the melody and improvises. The repertoire is tailor-made and the ambience is just enchanting. Cinemúsica recalls our romantic memory of cinema with great songs from great movies. Through Malcolm Forest's voice, movie stars come back to life with themes that live on forever. Learn more about the music of Malcolm Forest .

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