MALCOLM FOREST is highly ingenious, eclectic and versatile with wide experience in the the arts in the Brazilian cultural scene.
Producer, presenter, speaker, mediator, historian, theatre director, actor, narrator, writer, composer, singer and interpreter... Malcolm Forest graduated magna cum laude with a bachelor's degree in music from the University of California in Los Angeles, UCLA.There he also studied theatre and cinema, standing among the top 2% of the whole University. Prior to his move to the US, where he lived for over six years, he came first in the Entrance Examination to the School of Physics of Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie in São Paulo. On completing his studies in America, he worked for Westinghouse Security Systems for a year, being acknowledged as national sales champion.

His career as a singer and composer is well recognized. Malcolm Forest has over 38 releases in Brazil, the United States, Venezuela, Mexico and Scandinavia. In the 1970's he took part in a movement, now called Hits Brazil, by Brazilian artists who recorded in English,. This lead to international successes as "FEELINGS", by Morris Albert. Malcolm Forest best known hits are "ECSTASY" in the soundtrack of Gina, a TV Globo soap opera (song included in the release Hits Again of Globodisk); "A STUPID WAY"; "WE", in the soap opera Meu Bem Meu Mal of TV Globo; "SILVER QUEEN", opening theme of Os Ricos Também Choram (an SBT soap opera). He has also recorded many other themes in English for international soundtracks of Brazilian soap operas. Malcolm Forest has songs in movies: "DISCO LADY" in Pixote, a Lei do Mais Fraco by Hector Babenco. STARS ON PLANET EARTH was written by Malcolm Forest and Ed Lewis for the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce. It is he official theme for the Hollywood Walk of Fame. His latest releases are: Hollywood Heroes, a CD with country music on the MoviePlay label. It was recorded partially in Nashville, USA with musicians such as Mark Casstevens who records also with the prestigious Garth Brooks. Malcolm Forest has many songs and recordings on compilation albums.

Malcolm Forest is also an actor. He studied drama at UCLA and at the Shakespeare Society of America in Los Angeles in the United States. He is a member of SAG - The Screen Actors Guild and of AFTRA - The American Federation of Television and Radio Artists. He worked with Barbara Hershey under the direction of Arthur Hiller in the film O Mundo Louco de Julius for 20th Century-Fox, and has also taken part in various experimental projects. He performed in the theatre. In Brazil, he starred in the role of "Mr Daddy" in the play Tistu, o Menino do Polegar Verde (Tistu, the Greenfinger Boy)

"The Crazy World of Julius Vrooder"

His career as master of ceremonies, presenter of programs and events is also important, he has introduced and mediated many celebraties from the world scene: former President of the United States, Bill Clinton, the founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates, the President of South Africa, Mbecki and many others in events in Brazil. He introduces events of strategic importance for large businesses such as the following awards ceremonies, "Dupont Marketing Excellence Recognition - DMER" and "Excellence for Sustainable Growth", work done for Dupont South America, on TV network broadcast to various countries. He was the presenter of the II International Seminar of Latin Countries - Europe - Asia for the Federal Accounting Board in 1998.
In 2000, Malcolm Forest was the MC at the Inaugural Lesson for Specific Qualification Courses of Universidade Anhembi Morumbi. He was also the master of ceremonies of the I World Conference of the Public Prosecution Service. His vast curriculum includes the presentation of events such as the celebrations of the 12 years of LATASA and the first 10 years of recycling of aluminum cans in Brazil in the year 2001. In this same year, he conducted, the opening ceremony of the Schneider Electric plant in Guararema and presented the program São Paulo de todo o Mundo sponsored by Banco do Brasil at Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil in São Paulo with a large audience. In 2002, he presented another series of important events for the Bank.
Malcolm Forest has moderated and acted as analyst of quality research focus groups. His clients include JR Research from Los Angeles and Sony-Ericsson.
He is also a narrator of movies and videos. For Twentieth Century - Fox he narrated trailers of the films Kid Blue and Neptune Factor in their studios in Los Angeles. In Brasil, he voiced over numerous videos, films, commercials and documentaries for companies and organizations such as Sony, the American Chamber of Commerce, Goodyear, Varig, Pirelli, Petroquímica União, Editora Abril, SKF and Volvo among many others. He also recorded for SBT Television network many segments of the program Você Faz o Show (You Make the Show) and the voice-over of Steven Spielberg for the presentation of Schindler' s List, in 1997. He narrated in English various documentaries of the Rio Turismo series for TV Corcovado and the series Beautiful Brazil for the International Channel of Los Angeles.
A highlight of Malcolm Forest singing career was his performance at the Los Angeles Fabulous Forum for an audience of 14,000 spectators on June 21st, 1970, following the broadcast on the big screen of the final World Soccer Cup match, when Brazil became three-times world champion. He has taken part in a many television programs as a singer and more recently as an environmentalist. Recently, he appeared on Programa do Jô and on Esporte Espetacular by Rede Globo. In 1998 and in 1999, he was the English announcer of the São Paulo's First Division Carnival Parades at the Pólo Cultural Grande Otelo, better known as "Sambódromo".

He was radio presenter and personality of the Malcolm Forest, Isolda e Você and Malcolm Forest Especial shows for Radio Boa Nova in Guarulhos, São Paulo. He also presented a European musical program and a variety show on Radio Imprensa FM: Linha Europa (Europe Line).
All of this work with many appearances and interviews on radio and TV give Forest a unique experience and ease of communication with the public at large.
In journalism, Malcolm Forest holds in his curriculum the creation, direction and publication of the Autos Antigos (Veteran Cars) magazine for more than 5 years with national circulation. He worked on the coverage by CBS News of the Joseph Mengele case in São Paulo in 1986. He was a reporter and coordinator of a team of 5 interpreters. Since then he has provided production consulting and assistance to Channel A of New York and more recently CNN International.
Malcolm Forest is also a conference interpreter with a respectable career to his name. He has done simultaneous translation for over 2,000 events, with 10,000 hours of training and is one of the most acclaimed professionals in Brazil. Through this work, he has acquired vast knowledge in many fields, constantly keeping abreast of events, and state-of-the-art, cutting edge knowledge. This has contributed significantly to his culture, know-how, eclecticism, flexibility and versatility. By applying his talent, theatrical, voice and music techniques, he successfully acted as simultaneous translator of six annual Oscar Presentations for Brazil's second largest open TV network, SBT, in the years 1996, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2004. In 2002 he was the interpreter of the Latin Grammy for SBT and the press conference and press presentation of the cast of the Brazilian production of the Broadway musical, The Beauty and the Beast by Disney Productions. On |February 23, 2003 Malcolm Forest interpreted the Grammy Awards live for SBT. He has also translated the Miss Universe contest. In 2004 Malcolm Forest once again interpreted the Grammy Awards live for SBT.

The information gained from over 28 years work in major events, interpreting leading names on the world scene among them Stephen Covey, Tom Peters, Peter Drucker, Spencer Johnson, Jack Welch, Ken Blanchard, Eliyahu Goldratt, Masaaki Imai, Margaret Mead, Nicholas Negroponte and Bill Clinton, to mention only a few, together with an academic background in humanities and exact sciences grant Malcolm Forest an unequaled curriculum. Malcolm Forest has a highly unique cultural overview that is continuously being enriched covering almost all areas of human knowledge. Very few people in the world enjoy such a privileged position. All the knowledge and experience acquired permits him to do conferencing on different topics, working as lecturer and keynote speaker in many events. (See information on the Translating the Gurus project below.)

His professional activities have taken him on technical missions and courses through out Brazil, the USA, Europe and Asia.
He is the author of various books: the most recent being Cinemúsica (Cinemusic); Cantareira: Patrimônio Arquitetônico e Natural (Cantareira: Architectural and Natural Heritage); Automóveis de São Paulo (Automobiles of São Paulo), the latter a huge media success and best-seller of the Imprensa Oficial do Estado de São Paulo, presented at the highly rated late night talk show Programa do Jô. He created and published the magazine Autos Antigos (Old Cars).

Malcolm Forest has also over 67 inventions and ideas for possible patents.

In the fields of history and archeology, Malcolm Forest has made quite significant discoveries that he plans to present to the World in four books to be published between 2003 and 2004. He advocates, for instance, the thesis of the origin of São Paulo in the Serra da Cantareira (Cantareira Hills). There lies, in his opinion, the true Piratininga of Martin Afonso de Sousa. This theory is based on field work and on ample documentation researched in the municipal and state archives of São Paulo by the late Wilson Maia Fina, historian from the Instituto Histórico e Geográfico de São Paulo (the Historic and Geographic Institute of São Paulo). On April, 24th 2002, he presented a conference entitled Archeological Treasuries of the Origins of Piratininga at the same institution.

Malcolm Forest is currently preparing an in-depth study on the proto-history of Brazil and the world for the production of a series of books, as stated, and documentaries for international television release.
As well as an artist, author, reasercher and speaker, Malcolm Forest is a cultural producer with over 500 ideas for cultural projects and a record number of approved projects by the Ministry of Culture in the so-called Rouanet and Audiovisual Tax Incentive Laws. He advises companies in this capacity. He is chairman of the Board of the newly created ABPPC - Associação Brasileira dos Patrocinadores e Produtores Culturais (Brazilian Association of Cultural Sponsors and Producers).

He was contracted by Universidade Anhembi Morumbi to coordinate Higher Education courses for specific qualification in Cultural Marketing, Merchandising and Business Communication holding a seat in the Board of Counselors.
He gave a successful series of talks on cultural marketing at ESPM (I Workshop on Cultural Marketing), at the Regional Accounting Board of São Paulo, at IMAM Consultoria S/C Ltda, at the Rotary Club and to executives in the area of marketing of the Silvio Santos Group. He was the coordinator of the I Professional Meeting of Marketing & Culture at IMAM and also of the I Meeting of Business Communication Management at Universidade Anhembi Morumbi, held in São Paulo.

Malcolm Forest is a speaker on diverse themes: management practices (Translating the Gurus) , the environment, music, simultaneous translation, production and cultural marketing, proto-history and archeology... Drawing on the knowledge acquired along his professional life, he conducts motivational talks, affording a current view of the major tools of modern management. With emphasis on marketing, his presentations on management and motivation involve the participants because of the psychological and human aspects deployed and the resources of interpersonal communication the presenter offers. His Translating the Gurus program was produced as a TV talk show hosted by Rosmary Delboni in February 2003 for DTCom and will be released in book and DVD formats.

Malcolm Forest is an environmentalist, founder of AMAR, an institution affiliated to UNESCO's Planet Society, active in the defense of the São Paulo Green Belt, a Biosphere Reserve. Together with MRSA Consultores, a project entitled Brazilian Forests, a world exhibition for the years 2003 to 2006 is being develped. A major forum was held on November 12, 2002 at FECOMERCIO in São Paulo to kick of this multiyear project. A second forum will follow, in Europe on November 13, 2003. His professional and volunteer work at AMAR has achieved significant results for the protection of vital green areas for the metropolitan region of São Paulo, population nearly 20 million!. He pioneered the successful campaign for the change of the Prison Complex of Carandiru into an ecological and cultural park. In addition to representing and doing political lobbying, Malcolm Forest also speaks on the environment and divulges information to the media. He often presents themes on these issues on Radio Trianon, AM and makes many appearances in news programs on TV Globo and in media at large. He is also active in various other institutions for citizenship and culture such as the Defend São Paulo Movement and the Instituto Histórico e Geográfico de São Paulo (Historic and Geographic Institute of São Paulo) of which he is both a member and advisor to the president. Malcolm Forest is an guest member of the Board of Economy, Sociology and Politics of the Federation of Commerce of the State of São Paulo.
In addition to having participated in the movement that culminated in the listing of of the Green Belt of the city of São Paulo as a Biosphere Reserve, Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO, he was the initiator of the successful campaign Diamantina Patrimônio da Humanidade (Diamantina World Heritage). Now, he is working on a similar campaign for the listing of the Chapada Diamantina in Bahia, being its initiator. Over 30,000 signatures have already been collected in a petition. He is currently writing a book on these two interesting regions of Brazil.

He is an Honorary Citizen of the City of Los Angeles. In 1998, he was awarded the Anchieta Medal and the Diploma of Gratitude from the City of São Paulo.
Malcolm Forest is the major partner of MDK Comunicações Ltda., a company that manages his professional activities. He was the creator of the first independent record company in the early seventies and the originator of the Eldorado record label.
Along with the production of various projects, he is at present developing partnerships for the creation of a network agency of talent and cultural marketing to manage his projects.



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